Affiliate Marketing Trainer…Dean Rittenhouse

Hi, I’m Dean Rittenhouse.

I’m a high integrity affiliate marketer, a trusted business adviser, an organic gardener, an avid sailor of the Flying Dutchman class of racing sailboat and an all around happy guy with a great family.

My marketing training content is focused on habits and techniques that are time-tested and proven to work. I combine ideas from a wide range of disciplines including business-to-business sales, internet marketing, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and more.

Also, I try my best to “stand on the shoulders of giants” or in other words I try to emulate the marketing masters, and I encourage you to do the same. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far.

My Mission

It’s extremely difficult to rise to the level of your goals but it’s a lot easier to fall to the level of your systems.  I am a great believer in organized thought, planning and proven business building systems that won’t let you fail!

The central point of my work here at is this single question:

How can my readers market better so that they can fulfill their dreams?

To that end, I try to take complex marketing strategies and make them simple to understand. What are the building block tactics that will ensure your success? What common mistakes and bad habits are avoidable? What are the key principles that determine online marketing success and how can I teach you specific tasks, tactics, and strategies that will propel you forward?

So, I try to answer these questions by applying insights from my everyday life since I started my career in 1971 (yep, I’m most likely older than you). I spent my entire adult life selling technology to businesses until a few years ago. At the peak of my career, I was an international sales manager for IBM.

My Online Marketing Story

I hand coded my first HTML website in 1997 and represented my first (of many) affiliate programs in 2002, which I receive a monthly check from to this very day. You know, I’m not telling you this to brag. I just want you to be certain of two things:

  1.  I’m serious about teaching you everything I know about affiliate marketing.
  2. Long-term stable income is possible for you by using my techniques.

The Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to help you find the success you desire in the online marketing arena. It is possible for you to master the skills needed to become highly profitable at this crazy internet marketing thing. It will take you time and persistence but with my nurturing and my willingness to help you stay on a successful course, your trip to profitability can be much shorter.

What Makes Me Different

By the way, I want to take this opportunity to separate myself from all of the phony gurus out there. You know who I mean. The people who seem really nice and helpful, until they ask you to pay big bucks for their “ultimate” training course or “push-button silver-bullet” software! In my opinion, these creeps are nothing more than modern day snake oil salespeople.

You won’t see any high-priced training programs or software for sale here. All of my training is FREE and I intend on keeping it that way. I already have multiple streams of income established, so I don’t have any need or desire to heavily “monetize” the good people, like you, who are working to better their lives by learning how to make money online.

Keeping It Real

You can expect me to be completely transparent with you about everything, including this: I will recommend products and services to you that I either use myself and consider to be the best in class. I know in my heart that these products and services will help you to become more profitable. You will need to invest money in these items along the way anyway, so I give you great advice as to which are best. When you take my advice and make a purchase through my affiliate link, I may get a commission. Fair enough?

My Mission

I believe that people who are interested in improving their lot in life through online marketing should be able to do it without being taken advantage of by people with a lot more experience.

It has been said in the book, Swimming With The Sharks, that “When a person with experience meets a person with money, the person with experience ends up with the money and the person with the money ends up with experience”.

Unfortunately, in the past, this has been true for people trying to figure out how to make a living online. Beginners ended up spending several thousand dollars to figure it all out.  Not anymore. I’m out to change that equation for hundreds of thousands of people.

What I Believe

You see, I believe in honesty, high integrity, telling the truth and always doing the right thing. This philosophy allowed me to earn an above average income in the sales profession, not because I was the best at closing sales or using some type of ninja trickery. It was because I was a real person who was respectful, honest and helpful to my clients and they rewarded me with their trust and their purchases.

Join With Me In MY Adventure

Furthermore, I feel very lucky to share my marketing knowledge and personal philosophies. Last time I checked, more than 7,500 great people subscribe to my email newsletter. But, I’m just getting started. I hope you want to learn how to take the straightest path to long-term online marketing success.

You will join other achievers that include men and women, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, business owners, leaders and many other fine folks who aspire to build better lives through the proper use of affiliate marketing.

What Unites Us

These things unite all of us that are here learning together:

  1.  We are all great people in our own unique way
  2. We all want to do above average things for ourselves and our loved ones.

To that end, we are a community of like-minded positive individuals seeking monetary gain through honest, high integrity affiliate marketing.